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 Lady Ink

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Journal last updated: Saturday, January 2nd 2010 at 1:27 PM
An Espeon is sitting upon a rather overstuffed purple velvet armchair. It looks straight at you mews--happily or unhappily, you are not sure. A Dragonair glides through the air, looking at you inquisitively. A Venonat hops about you, as if examining you. The Espeon turns its gaze toward some eggs. Why don't you warm these eggs up? And feed the Pokemon as well?

current state of being
I'm excited that the winter holidays have started~~

You may call me Ink or Lady Ink. Makes no difference to me. Aside from mindless full party clicking, I quite enjoy the color purple, classical music, fantasy, writing, reading, and the furthering of my knowledge.

[x] Espeon
[x] Dragonair
[x] Venonat
[-] Delcatty
[-] Porygon2
[-] Event egg
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