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 Lady Davia of Gaia

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Points: 16,572
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Prize Points: 135
Ranking: 4,274
Joined: Thu. Oct. 8/09
Last seen: Sun. May. 15/16 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
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Lady Davia of Gaia's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, July 8th 2013 at 9:45 AM
Status: Online--CLICK-BACKING

BREEDING: Flaming Zorua

Record Interactions---18,099 on 05/29/11
Eggs hatched- 262 on 05/29/11

Clicking Priorities

1) My pal pad
2) Users who added me to their pal pad, now TWICE daily, thanks to Odd Incense!
2) Users who have clicked me
3) Everyone I've interacted with who has pokemon I have not interacted with yet (I do this throughout the day, so if your party changed they'll get re-clicked. So If you add me to your palpad I'll click your party throughout the day as it changes. )
4) Click online list: anyone with an interesting name or status message

I do full-party clicks, so please do the same. Because of work and school I might forget to log on. If I do and I miss you, I apologize ^_^

I live with my girlfriend Yamatra, who also clickbacks, so go click her eggs!!

name: Davia, I am also known as Lady Davia on Gaiaonline, feel free to drop me a pm there ^_~
Age: 25
Gender: Female. As the term Lady indicates.

[x]Get my first Novelty
[x ]Get my first Shiny
[x ]Get my first rare Legend
[ ]Get all Novelties
[ ]1-151
[ ]152-251
[ ]252-386
[ ]387-493

Important dates:
October 2009
08 - I started my account and adopted 6 eggs!
08 - I hatched my first egg, a M Togepi named Jeff!! (lol read his description for why)
09 - Beginner's luck? I just found a hatched M EASTER BUNEARY in the shelter!
18 - Evolved my first pokemon, jeff, now a Togetic!
30 - Remorage event Egg!
November 2010
09 - re-discovered this place
10 - First Achievement
December 2010
03 - First Shiny, a Snivy!!
January 2011
29 - Finished 1st shiny hunt, hatched a shiny relicanth!
April 2011
01 - Finished 2nd shiny hunt, hatched a shiny Litwik!
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