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Points: 121,533
Pass Orbs: 119

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Ranking: 12,761
Joined: Sun. Apr. 19/09
Last seen: Sun. Jul. 31/16 (Desktop)
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Journal last updated: Friday, January 7th 2011 at 1:03 AM
Overall goals:
All Starters (12/12)

Eevee & Evos (4/8)
Eevee [x] Vaporeon [x] Flareon [x] Jolteon [x] Espeon [] Umbreon [] Glaceon [] Leafeon []

The Fossils (3/13)
Kabuto [x] Kabutops [x] Omanyte [x] Omastar [x] Aerodactyl [x] Anorith [x] Armaldo [] Lileep [x] Cradily [] Cranidos [] Rampardos [] Shieldon [] Bastiodon []
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