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 Kudou Shinichi

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Points: 142,075
Pass Orbs: 3,142

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Prize Points: 63
Ranking: 2,684
Joined: Fri. Apr. 17/09
Last seen: Mon. Sep. 23/19 (Desktop)
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    Kudou Shinichi's Profile

    Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 2:52 PM
    Previously: Wolfer2 | Sage Harpuia

    Notes to self:


    Status: Only very active on weekends!



    *Get all Unown
    *Get all Legends

    Shiny Hunts to be done

    * Tentacool
    * Mudkip
    * Beldum
    * Dratini
    * Poliwag * 2
    * Scyther * 2
    * Squirtle
    * Eevee * 7
    * Present Drifloon
    * Rayquaza [If only]
    * Fennekin
    * Charmander Clone

    You can also contact me through:

    Twitter: Sage_Harpuia
    Tumblr: deductionfreak
    Kudou Shinichi has no recent activity.

    Kudou Shinichi's Showcased Achievements

    Legendary Collector (Jul 18/12)
    Novelty Collector (Aug 27/10)
    Master Explorer (Nov 20/11)
    Shiny Collector (Jan 8/11)
    Great Success! (Jul 21/10)
    Persistent (Apr 4/12)
    Crazy About Ewe (Mar 27/13)
    Master Clicker (Jan 16/11)
    Master Hatcher (Jun 22/11)
    Master Breeder (Nov 9/11)
    Master Trainer (Mar 23/13)
    Master Feeder (Jun 22/11)
    Master Summoner (Jan 27/13)
    Feed a Country (Jul 14/19)
    What's In The Box? (Jan 7/13)

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