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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 24th 2013 at 6:22 PM
I am on a hunt for Female Eevees, a Shiny Male Aron, a Shiny Shaymin, and a Shiny Litwick of any gender. Also, I'm collecting all the pokemon, in order, from Kanto Region. I plan on getting the lowest evolution of each and evolving them. =3 Will get novelties/shinies later, perhaps. <3

Next on the list of my Kanto hunt:
Now that I'm pretty much done with my Kanto hunt, I'll be leveling them all up. =D

As for the egg pokedex information (if I got them as pokemon rather than eggs, which most will be), I'll obtain that when I hunt for each shiny. ^-^ It'll be a little while. xD

If you adopt my babies, I'll make sure they're properly fed. =3

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