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Joined: Thu. Apr. 2/09
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From: United States
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Kitten's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 9:16 PM
I'm Lana! 27/Scorpio/Pan
Kitten Cuddler & Shiny Pokemon Collector.
She/Her Pronouns.
I'm currently living in USA (Ohio.)
Favorite things: Cats, Pastel Colors, Fairy Type/Shiny Pokemon. CARBINK
If you click my pokemon, I'll return the favor!
If I don't right away, I'm either playing games or doing digital art.
Thank you. <3

Sun Apr 4 at 4:00 PM
She got an egg from the event.
Thu Apr 1 at 7:44 PM
She hatched her egg into a Galarian Ponyta.
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She hatched her egg into a Galarian Ponyta.
Thu Apr 1 at 6:51 PM
She adopted an egg from the Shelter.

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Legendary Collector (Jul 26/12)
Shiny Collector (Oct 27/10)
Persistent (Mar 13/13)
Crazy About Ewe (Jan 2/13)
Master Clicker (Jul 26/12)
Master Summoner (Dec 27/11)

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