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    Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 26th 2012 at 2:15 AM

    (Reserves led by Lieutenant General Beacon)


    June 26th, '10,

    Yay! A new way of gambling! Safe to say that I know where I'll be spending most of my free time now! Unfortunately, I do tend to lose a lot. Funny thing though--whenever I do, the sql army tends to disappear for a few hours and come back with piles of points and torn scraps of clothing...and once, an entire roast chicken. That was weird. And delicious. My stomach doesn't discriminate. *shrug*

    I learned rather quickly that Thatch and Akai aren't battlers. They're just too timid. Arabasti and Kirei on the other hand, seem to be tearing up the competition. Who would have known that a gender-confused prissy-boy would be so aggressive on the court?

    Anywho, off to win some more points. Whee~!

    (Guardian: Oh my cheesy crackers, what have they done? Tighten your belts, kids, this is going to be a rough couple of weeks...)


    Some random info for you~ =3

    Name: Kit
    Level: 25
    Type: Obsessive Compulsive Pyro
    Nature: Quirky (Likes sour food)
    Location: The sock hamper
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, anime, archery, kendo, kittens, and traumatizing small, furry woodland creatures.

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