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Kirinu's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, July 14th 2011 at 12:26 PM
- I have some things to take care of irl, so I'll be away for a few days. During this time, I don't expect clicks, though if there are some, I appreciate them. <3
- If I don't click your full party, the only reason behind it is that you moved or haven't hatched a Pokemon.
- I try to be active as much as possible, but I DO have a life outside of GPX, so forgive me if I don't repay clicks right away.
- I will breed novelties upon request. Just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. All of my novelties can be found in my visible boxes.
- I'm a nice person, and I'll click all of your Pokemon if you click 3-6 of mine. I also accept Palpad additions.

Don't expect any click backs from me. I've gotten too many one-clicks from people who are too lazy to do a full party click. It's not that hard, and I try to keep eggs only. It's as simple as that.

Shiny Hunt
[ ] Male Shiny Pichu
[ ] Shiny Stantler
[ ] Male Shiny Manectric
[ ] Male Shiny Flygon
[ ] Shiny Zergoose
[ ] Shiny Zorua
[ ] Male Shiny Cyndaquil
[ ] Shiny Ralts

Playground Rules
If you click three or more of my party, I will full-party click for you. If you click only once or twice (the exception being if I only have one egg/Pokemon), I'm ignoring you.

Currently Breeding

Future Breeding
Bulbasaur Clones. Charmander Clones. Winter Vulpix. Slime Slugma. Zergoose, Present Drifloon, Future Shuppet.

Things to Remember

None yet

[x] Easter Buneary
[x] Male Buneary
[ ] Male Starly
[x] Rufflet
[ ] Male Manectric
[ ] Male Flygon
[x] [ ] Charmander Clone & Squirtle Clone
[x] Slime Slugma
[ ] Bidofo
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