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 King Yoshi

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Journal last updated: Thursday, October 15th 2009 at 7:58 PM
I licked a Pikachu, and I was shocked!
I leeked a tonge twistuh and neow I cannat saa it wright.

Now that I have school, My Activity *might* rise. Its weird, I know.

I got Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky before everyone else =P. Looks like people will be looking up to Team VoltAura for help!

Location: Im in Teh Lab, Stealin Ur Eggs!

News of the Day:

A little about me: Live in Ohio, im 16 years old, and my favorite Pokemon types are Electric, Steel, Ghost, and Bug in that order.
Fave Anime: Di Gi Charat
Fave Poke: Yanma
Fave Game: SSB Brawl (Mains: Pikachu, ROB, Toon Link)

Most Clicks in 1 Day: 566

If you want to be on my Pal Pad, PM me. Ill start taking note of how often you click my eggs and add you.
Unless, of course, i know you personally from elsewhere. If so, adding will be automatic.

Long Term:
>.< Get all Legendary Birds
>.< Get Item Finder
>.< Get on Stats Page
>.< Hatch 100 Eggs
>.< Breed 200 Yanma
Short Term
>.< Get a Shiny
>.< Get a Ditto
>.<Hatch Deoxys
>.< Get Treasure Box
>.< Find Lab Legend (preferably Latios or Dialga)
Collect all Starters: 5/12

Little Man Sightings:3 Kept:1 Missed:0 Ignored:2
Treasure Found:0 Missed:0 Used:0 Sold:0

Notes to remember:
Latias Description: "A white egg with a bizarre pink marking on it. It radiates a mysterious power. It's supposed to be part of a pair."
Ditto Descrip: "A purple egg..(unimportant description)..surprisingly soft"
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