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 Keng Leong

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 11:52 PM
I licked an Ambipom and now I have four hands......

Hi everyone.
I am Keng Leong from Malaysia. U can call me Andrew too.....

16/01/10- Little man again... I hate u! Haiz the fourth MissingNo. egg. Need Happiny egg. Anyone who can help to breed? What... Amuchan got a Shaymin?! I am gonna kill her! Yapee! 1,116 clicks!
17/01/10- Hatched my Kyogre... Haiz.. why take soo long? Even my Regirock took me 3 days only. 5th little man?! NOOOOOO.... Why I keep seeing little mans but not Manaphy or Chests?
20/01/10- A Shiny Race has been confirmed
Me- Croagunk
Amuchan- Togepi
Amulet Spade- Pachirisu
Lunatic Charm- Azurill
Lucario 1996- Magikarp
Ju Ann- Pichu
22/01/10- Shiny Race starts!!!!! I am scared of losing. Croagunk egg hatched: 35
13/03/10- I'm back. Hahax. Mass Clicking for the day!!!!!!!! 1,771 clicks..... WOHOO!! Zapdos egg too!!! Yapeee!!
20/03/10- Sorry for not clicking back... I was really busy... Hatched my Zapdos egg with the help you all gave... Thanks..
26/03/10- Sad... Finish coluring my egg... but when I wanted to submit it, it said that it has closed....-.-!!
27/03/10- Found Slime Slugma..... but dissapeared when I click on it, SAD!!!
14/05/10- Sorry for not being online for so long..... Thanks for everyones clicks..... I GOT A SHINY MUNCHLAX....... Thanks for each click that made my Shiny Dream possible,,,,,
18/05/10- OMG! Found Easter Buneary, Slime Slugma egg.... but missed a Zergoose... still LUCKY....happy!!
21/05/10- Lalala.... Boring day and returning all your clicks....
13/06/10- Summon a Groudon^^.... and found a Thunderstone....676 clicks...
14/06/10- Mass clicking so i can hatch my Groudon egg....- Adamant Orb!!! Next shiny: Gligar, Glameow, Gulpin- 4,042 clicks
15/06/10- Hatched Groudon.....1,471 clicks
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