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      —Autumn Tropius

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, October 17th 2012 at 3:23 PM
(:: Kemi's Log ::)

And on to Autumn Tropius hunting! I am going to love these oh gosh this is gonna be bad maybe I should just shiny hunt one...
I CAN CLICK AGAIN if only I could find the people who clicked me back..

(:: Updates ::)
10.15 Autumn Troooopius
09.10 Kyrouge in the shelterrrrrr whoo

(:: Want ::)
Anbas: Modest M Typhlosion lvl 100
Mega: Hasty F Meganium lvl 100
L: Quirky F Pidgeot lvl 100
Pharos: Calm M Ampharos lvl 80
Red: Relaxed Shiny F Gyrados lvl 50
Taiiki: Hasty M Shiny Nidoking lvl 100
Nine: Bashful M Fearow lvl 80
Fiesty: Quiet F Scyther lvl 100

(:: Important ::)

dA: Shinkei-Shinto

Dragons consider drakes to be mockeries of
their perfection, destroying them on sight.

22:00 2.20.2010
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