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Journal last updated: Tuesday, January 30th 2018 at 9:18 PM
ohai, I'm Kat and I'm really lazy about updating this thing. Apparently I introduced myself on the forums eons ago and none of the stuff I said is true anymore except for the part where my name is Kat. Yeah. Whee.

What else do I do on the interwebs? Well, when I'm not going clicky clicky, I play mafia. I also play random games with my friends! But usually I'm here procrastinating on my work (I'm an editor).

Will I add you to my Pal Pad? Now that I've finally got SN, yup! Just PM me.
Also, I've noticed there are certain...exploration tasks...that require a loooot of berries! Add me, and I'll proper click those guys at least once per day. Often twice! I have been slacking on this. My apologies!

More new stuff now that I have SN: Now I'm a Networking Ninja! I auto-add anyone on the list that is active, and less than 20 away from the achievement. I also accept PMs for adds, provided I have room.
I try to update my Pal Pad on Sundays.

What is my Friend Safari type? Normal. My Pokemon are Lillipup/Loudred/Chansey. PM me if you need any of those; chances are high I'll need something from your Safari anyway.

Everyone on my Pal Pad AFTER Celes Chere are 25 or less adds away from SN. Add them if you would~
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