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Journal last updated: Monday, December 14th 2009 at 5:45 PM
If I miss one of your Pokemon, feel free to drop me a PM! If I miss you and it's after reset time, either click me again, or PM me! (PMing is safer though... Although I would appreciate clicks... Heck, do both!)

My time is 6 hours behind the server time. So I log off around 1AM server time. So I can click people twice a day if you PM me on the forums or click me again! Kinky, huh? (what the heck does 'kinky' even mean? I just said it but I have no clue what it means!!!)

Shiny Hunt:
Shiny Abra 0/4


Got Phione Egg! 12/11/9!


Get the Silph Scope [ ]
Get Sync to level 100 [x] Done! 12/12/9!
Get Akira to level 100 [x] Done! 12/12/9!
Get Amy to level 100 [x] Done! 12/13/9!

Awesome People Who I Need to Remember to Click (and you should too) AKA EXTENDED PAL PAD x3:

Midnight Sin []
Estelle []
Tsuki []
Ventus []
Jade []
Momoko []
Myu []
therealmint []
Captain Epic []
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