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Journal last updated: Monday, April 10th 2017 at 10:11 AM
Hello. I'm Kami. I love Charizard (hence my username: Kami + Charizard = Kamizard); it has been my favorite Pokemon since I first saw it way way back in the 90's. I'm a 24-year-old kid at heart living in Oklahoma. I'm a storm chaser, which means I am usually fairly busy during the spring months (generally March through June, and most busy in April and May), but I make every effort to log in when there aren't storms to chase. Don't be surprised if I disappear for days at a time, though.

I'm currently working on trying to complete the Pokedex. Because everyone needs an impossible goal.

Eggs: 150/150
Pokemon: 359/368
Shinies: 71/368

Eggs: 127/128
Pokemon: 233/234
Shinies: 27/234

Eggs: 73/73
Pokemon: 199/199
Shinies: 78/199

Very Rare
Pokemon: 71/90
Shinies: 0/90

Eggs: 67/68
Pokemon: 168/168
Shinies: 27/168

Eggs: 470/474
Pokemon: 1029/1057
Shinies: 203/1057

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