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 Kairah Foxx

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, October 17th 2012 at 4:55 PM

Hi there!

Name's Kellie, thanks for stopping by. :3


Do's and Don'ts

I DO click back in full regardless of how many clicks were given.
I DO feed lvl 100s.
I DO take breeding requests.
I DO re-click my PALPAD members as well as those who have me on their pal pad several times a day.
I DO give drinks sometimes
I DO give spare trinkets to pal pad friends and or trade.
I DO try to make up for taking eggs / pokemon intended for others IF my waiting list isn't full,
I DON'T re-release eggs / pokemon intended for others.
I DON'T one click.
I DON'T give drop times of my left overs, it happens when I feel like it.


Message me if you would like for me to breed you a novelty





PM me on the forums.



Bred - Eevee, Zorua x 2 , Squirtal, Gastly x 4, Ralts and Torchic. Own - Roselia, Whimsicott, Venomoth, Wynaut, Bulbasaur, Pinsir, Gastly, Ralts, Vaporeon and Axew.


Treasure Chests found: 5

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