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  • Caxro
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Journal last updated: Tuesday, February 25th 2020 at 9:17 AM
Name's Josh. I'm 23.
I'm a graduate Game Developer in Melbourne, Australia. My personal favourite games from my childhood were Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts (I have a KH tattoo!) - though I preferred the Digimon show WAY more.

Shoot me a message on forums if you want a shiny race! Always keen for a good challenge.

.. Yes it took me over 4 years to hatch a Shiny Zorua. That was a long 700+ shiny egg hunt.
.. Yes it took me almost 4 years to hatch a Shiny Magikarp. But we got there. :P

Though I've been a member on the site for >10 years,
I kinda tend to leave this site for years at a time,
then return randomly when it comes across my mind.
You'll have a lot more luck finding me on Twitter if you *really* want to: @UnboundOCE

Random Shinies hatched while hatching every egg in the EggDex:
Shiny Geodude (Golem): June 1st, 2018.
Shiny Voltorb (Electrode): July 15th, 2018.
Shiny Skarmory: February 18th, 2020.

Rest In Peace, Satoru Iwata.

"A far off dream that's like a scattered memory,
A scattered memory that's like a far off dream."

Currently doing a complete GPX-dex egg-hatch spree.
Check my boxes to see my progress!
Obviously, Legendaries are a little touch-and-go in terms of getting them, so I'm mostly skipping the legendaries (doing explorations once a month) and working on hatching everything else first.

Caxro and Circadia will never leave my party, for anything.
I've done mostly all my Pokedex progress with Circadia right there, and Caxro was there from the very beginning!

Congratulations Nick (Zerxer) and Jen!
Unbound has no recent activity.

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