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Journal last updated: Wednesday, April 27th 2011 at 4:17 PM
hm...i really want a shiny winter vulpix: 0/14
Currently(Ongoing): Creating my GTS PL gym team, and lvling my legends/novelty's
Starmie *shiny* 0/12
Scizor *shiny* 1/166

DO NOT PM me asking for me to drop something from my release boxes. I will release them when I feel like it, unless I actually know you, do NOT bug me. Do NOT ask me breeding requests, it is infuriating. I don't care if this makes me sound like a jack ass, but they're my pokes that i found, and I will release spares when I feel like it. Thank you.

Who am I?- well...i'm Jorian xDDD I am the GTS+PL Steel gym leader. I have some pretty good friends here and i play a lot of the STEAM games like L4D, L4D2. Things like that. Uh...College just started back up so dont expect drastically too many clicks unless it's the weekend :)

Long-term GPX Goals:
1) Make my GTS PL Gym Team and Lvl them to 100 (Need shiny Staryu to evolve)
2) Get all Novelty/Legends (need the rest of Bidofo's)
3) ACHIEVEMENTS! (currently working youngster joey...)
4) Future shiny hunts: Stantler, Chinchou, Beldum, Electrike, Voltorb, Shellder, Snorunt...more to come later!

Thanks for reading!
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