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Journal last updated: Tuesday, June 11th 2019 at 11:02 PM
Welcome :D

I'm Jordan or Moulzor XD, and I'm French, and NeonSH is an IRL friend.

~ I click all the eggs / i return all clicks

~ GWIIIAH I found a Groudon in shelter and Eastern Bunneary =D =D

[size = 45]~ GWIIIAH I found my heatran in the Shelter *ç*

~ OMG I found egg of Shaymin in the lab <3

~ My goal !

~ Get an event T___T I registered in April and I am yet to get an event [x]
EDIT : OOMMGG Raikou !!! =D

~Get an Arceus ! ^^(possible ?)
~ I would like to get shiny Riolu and also has to shiny Charmander <3

~ OMG I have egg of Shaymin in the lab <3

~ WTF ? Giratina' egg in the shelter ! oO, I am very happy ! =D

01 / 24 / 2010 : I found egg of Dracowymsy !! ^^

02 / 15 /2010 : 12 500 Interactions o/

See you :D
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