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Journal last updated: Saturday, October 17th 2015 at 5:38 PM

-note to self-
Scouter is still not accurate :<

Species: Tentacool Eggs Hatched: 455 Date Started: Aug 16/10 Date Ended: Oct 17/15 5 year long shiny hunt completed

If your going to one click please click the one that is about to hatch but try to click them all =D

yup its official Im starting a rotom army lol any rotom from the shelter shall be mine >:3 "muahahahahahahahaha"

-Got a Slime Slugma egg 12/09/09
-Got Kyogre egg from event =D 12/18/09
-Got Manaphy egg 01/03/10
-The little old man paid a visit :D 01/10/10
-Got a Remorage egg from shelter 01/10/10
-Got a Zergoose from shelter =D 01/10/10
-got a shelderboy egg :P 01/21/10
-Got a wymsy egg 01/21/10
-Got Heatran and Rayquaza :3 01/24/10
-Found a third soul dew :3 02/02/10
-Summoned Latios =D 01/31/10
-Got a Pokii egg
-found a Palkia egg in the shelter
-Summon Groudon
-Got Darkrai from event xD 02/15/10
-2nd Groudon summoned and corrupted :D

~Shiny Hunt~

Swinub - 1 out of 53 eggs hatched~ 06/18/10~06/20/10

Charmander - 1 out of 121 eggs~ hatched 06/24/10~08/02/10

Mudkip - 1 out of 167 eggs hatched~ 05/28/10~08/17/10

Find a treasure chest [x]
Get a Kyoger egg [x]
Get a shiny [x]
Get all rotom formes [x]
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