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    Journal last updated: Thursday, May 14th 2015 at 8:10 PM
    Welcome Everyone! :D

    Goes By: Delilah
    Local Time: Server Time
    Status: Content! -clicks away-

    Yes, I breed pokemon, mostly Novelties though, and sometimes I will take requests to breed certain pokemon. Whenever I'm accepting request, just PM me.

    Requests: CLOSED
    Currently Breeding: Gastly

    [x] Get my first Shiny - Shiny Zergoose
    [x] Get a shiny Charizard
    [ ] Get a Deoxys
    [ ] Get a Darkrai
    [x] Corrupt a Pokemon
    [x] Buy a Bicycle
    [ ] Get first Badge Achievement
    [x] Get a Ditto
    [x] Get OVER 9,000 Achievement
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