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Prize Points: 227
Ranking: 727
Joined: Thu. May. 7/09
Last seen: Tue. Jun. 2/20 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United Kingdom
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    Lv. 100

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Journal last updated: Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 4:29 AM
Favourite quotes:

*choir of pokemon angels singing* shiny doduoooo (c) Neko Orihime
I have entire caves' worth of Zubats in my PC... (c) Xatni
Shiny Snivy after 1368 eggs. X.x (c) Neoseptem
Kakuna Rattata, what a wonderful phrase! (c) Nidorina
Dream not to dream, but to live. (c) Bittyspyder
Gary was here! Ash is a loser! (c) AriseAndBe
RIP Honey Plus (c) ShadowJet96
Finally got the shiny magma totodile... *AZ voice* it's been 3,000 years... (c) Beylese

Unown: complete

Arceus: Dragon, Water

Highest ranking: 529

18.02.2014 Received my first Sky Gift ever. Thank you, mysterious friend!!!
24.05.2014 Shiny Charmander!! Hell yeah! First shiny in years!
17.07.2014 SWSH Shiny Blitzle + random Shiny Venipede!
27.08.2014 Zergoose vs Dracowymsy. Shiny race against Volmise is on! (aaand I lost -.-)
29.08.2014 Social Network unlocked!!!! Thanks, guys! That sure took a while... -.-''
31.08.2014 Shiny Ponyta after 334 eggs.
30.09.2014 Shiny Fennekin after 639 eggs X_x
31.10.2014 Found Absolite!
24.11.2014 Two Manaphy eggs in one day! / Got my first rank 5 achievement!!! (An All Night Thing)
03.12.2014 Holy crap! A 161 IV Zorua!
01.01.2015 Gardevoirite!~
16.01.2015 Second rank 5 achievement unlocked! (Best in show)
15.07.2017 Dedicated achievement unlocked! Thank you, Type: Null!
09.08.2017 Got my first pokemon infected with PokeRus!!! (Mega Mewtwo Y)
16.08.2017 Mimikyu is my Superstar! (Superstar achievment unlocked)
16.09.2017 Missed the Lucky Day achievement by 2 minutes... x__x
09.11.2017 Perfect 10 unlocked!
13.11.2017 Shiny Manaphy!
23.12.2017 I Am Legend!
13.01.2018 Two Shiny Alolan Meowth in the first batch of 5 eggs! O_O
18.03.2018 Lucky Day achievement! (Dratini + Elektrike Hunts complete!)
30.04.2019 Last Unown! Pokedex Master Plus complete!
19.05.2019 1 Year and 1074 Eggs till Shiny Porygon (Determined unlocked)
12.04.2020 Can't pass it up!
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JimLion's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Legend (Jun 3/14)
Johto Legend (Aug 12/14)
Hoenn Legend (Aug 27/14)
Sinnoh Legend (Nov 30/14)
Unova Legend (Nov 24/14)
Pokedex Master Plus (Apr 30/19)
An All Night Thing (Nov 24/14)
I Am Legend (Dec 23/17)
Lucky Day (Mar 18/18)
Master Clicker (Apr 27/14)
Best In Show (Jan 16/15)
Perfect 10 (Nov 9/17)

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