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Journal last updated: Monday, May 12th 2014 at 11:27 PM
below is a relic of my preteen past. cringe with me.

will breed slimes, valenticools, remrages, eb, wv for any other novelty
amazing. i have hatched two togepis: one is shiny, and one is female :D :D :D

~~~~~~~~~~~Hey there!~~~~~~~~~~~~

HI THERE! I'm Jelly, and I'm your average superhyperspeedactive!!!11!! happy emo that bounce around and don't do their homework when their supposed to to click. 8 D
I usually click a bit on weekdays and a lot on weekends

~~~~~~~~~TECHNICAL STUFF/ HOW I ROLL~~~~~~~~~

I click what I see. Simple enough, eh? And if you ever stumble onto my page, just click whatever you feel like clicking. I don't mind.
Oh and i go back to your party to click whatever you have new. Also, i tab click, so i might miss eggs

~~~~~~~~~GOALS AND RANDOM STUFF~~~~~~~~~

Underground: Dawn Stone x3, Lustrious Orb, Fire Stone x2, Armor Fossil x2, Dome Fossil, Tiny Mushroom x3, Sun Stone, Dusk Stone x2 Rare Bone x2 and something else

Looking for TEAM
[x]infernape [x]luxray []azelf [x]gastrodon [x]roselia [x]dialga
[x]blasitoise [x]raichu []mewtwo []articuno
[x]blaziken [x]gardevoir [x]wailord [x]walrien [x]crobat []latios
[x]swampert [x]marowak
[x]Meganium [x]Flareon [x]Typhlosion [x]Quagsire [x]Ampharos []Kyogre [x]Rayquaza [x]Lugia []Foretress

Have a naiiiicccceeeeee day.
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