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Journal last updated: Thursday, December 24th 2015 at 11:05 AM
June 8th:
Found a Groudon in the lab. Used a corruption orb on it.

June 3rd:
Got a Shiny Hoppip from the shelter! My shiny Raichu won't be alone anymore.

January 1st 2012:

Starting well the year: got fossil Archen and a Dialga.

February 14th 2011:

Got an adamant orb from underground. Successfully summonned my Dialga and Corrupted it!

January 23rd 2011:

It was repaid: I got a Shadow Luiga! :)

January 22nd 2011:

I sold my Corruption orb and a root fossil to try to buy an enigma stone but failed. Now, I lost a fossil Lileep and a chance to obtain XD-001, Primal Dialga and Fake Groudon (I know there's Zombidofo too but he's not my top priority) :(

January 16th 2011:

Lucky day for me: I obtained a Ditto, Ho-Oh and Lugia in the lab..

Clicking Policy:

I click those who added me first, then those that I added and then the favors. Those who clicked one will be of lower priority.I ALWAYS CLICK THE RIGHT BERRY UNLESS I MADE A MISTAKE. I DON'T DO IT ON PURPOSE.

Goals v2:
[x] Hatch an exploration legend
[x] Get a badge
[] Kanto Master
[x] Corrupter on Groudon or Dialga
[x] Shiny Seeker
[x] Legendary Seeker
[x] Any rank 4 acheivement
[] Unova Master


Rank 1: 47/71
Rank 2: 23/107
Rank 3: 6/85
Rank 4: 1/31

Easy Darwinist:

Get 63 Wrumple, Weedle and/or Caterpie eggs. Hatch them all and raise then to level 10 (Don't evolve them yet). Once you're sure that you won't log out, evolve all of them at once. Then get your acheivement.
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