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Journal last updated: Wednesday, November 17th 2010 at 3:21 AM
/50,000 Amulet Coin
Call me Jaz~

Kind of back. Don't expect too much from me though.

School and commissions and work andpokemonemerald make me nonexsistant. I'll be back and forth for a while. One clickers, if you still click my stoof, please click closest to hatching. When I'm completely back I'll be returning full party clicks no matter how many of mine you clicked, but regular full party clickers are added to my Palpad. Speaking of which, once I'm completely back, I'm purging it. And speaking of purging, my journal's getting a makeover sometime too.

Pokemon Emerald makes me happy. Fancharacter Cygnus is going to be rocking his party once I get the time. Epic doods.

Don't PM me on these forums, I never check the inbox so I'll never respond. And I don't check Chickensmoothie more than once or twice a day, but the others are checked multiple times daily.
YIM; my_dear_savior
AIM; JaziandCo
MSN; JaziandCo@hotmail.com
I'm also Ostwyn on Deviantart, JaziandCo on Dragcave, Ostwyn on chickensmoothie, and also Ostwyn on zarnisland.
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