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Journal last updated: Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 at 2:01 PM
The Clicking Coalition
Berry Smart

Hello fellow Trainer, and welcome to my profile. As you can plainly see, I'm raising a few eggs and pokemon that could use a bit of a meal and maybe a hug or two. Be so kind as to give it to them as much as you can? I'll be sure to return the favor sooner than later. :)

Goals and Things
Some of the goals i wish to accomplish while on this site include:

Legendary Pkmn
- Raikou Egg

Normal Pkmn
- Obtain at least 1 Shiny Pokemon (Preferably one i like)

Novelty Pkmn

- Amulet Coin
- Soul Dew from the Treasure Chest (For the Lati Twins)
- Shelter Pass
- Lucky Egg
- Wide Lens
- Destiny Knot
- Odd Incense
- Poke Radar
- Discount Coupon

Basic Info
- Tea
- 27
- Lives in Miami, Florida
- Nerds over Pokemon more than any other fandom

Since you're here, why not pay my friends a visit?
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