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 Jamie Webb

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 24th 2012 at 12:57 PM
I'm part of The Breeding Aristocracy v2

Because the success of Sh. Pichu, I released some novelty pokes and my shiny pichu fails.

Don't PM me to release anything, I release when I want to.

Alt Codes
Alt+0208= Ð
Alt+0215= ×
Alt+0247 or Alt+11254= ÷
Alt+0171= «
Alt+0165= ¥
Want more? Pm Me.

Current Novelty Shiny Hunt goals:
Dracowymsy- 3 eggs, no shiny
Clone Charmander- 0 eggs, no shiny
Icy Horsea- 1 egg

I click 100 pokemon in 3 minutes, +1 minute for lag, so I can click 1000 pokemon in 40 minutes.

Achievements that I'm currently working on:
None currently...

One day, Beyonce called Justin Bieber. When he answered, she asked if he wanted to borrow one of her songs to sing at his next concert. Happily, Justin agreed and asked which one. Beyonce laughed and replied, "If I Was A Boy".

My Goal:
Get a full box of level 100 charmanders, then a full box of level 100 Charmeleons, and finally a full box of level 100 charizards.

Random shiny Sabley For The Win!
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