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 J the Lioness

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J the Lioness's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, May 27th 2012 at 10:59 PM

Hi! My name is Johnny (and, yes, I am a girl XD).
I'm a 23-year-old Pokémaniac and former GPX+ addict.

My absolute favorite Pokémon is Entei, but other favorites are Luxray (& pre-evs), Eevee
(& evs), Kangaskhan, Zangoose, Noctowl, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Aggron, Rhydon, Poochyena
(& Mightyena), Mewtwo, Totodile (& Feraligatr), Bulbasaur (& evs), Riolu (& Lucario), Zorua
(& Zoroark), Raikou, Suicune, & Mew.

...:::I am a Knight of the Round Table:::...
IF I'm online, you will get full clicks.

Nothing is a secret, so feel free to explore & ask questions!
I love helping people out :)

!---->Send me ANY offer for my trinkets in the market & I'll accept! Please, take them!<----!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me trinkets! I gift back!!

As of March 20th, 2012, I've bred 23 shinies.
Expect a message from me if you hatch one!!

Notable HeartGold game happenings:
07/08/11- Shiny Unown X!
07/16/11- Got Master Ball & got Entei.
10/25/11- Found 5 shiny leaves for my Entei's golden leaf crown. <3

Working on:
Achievements!! -- I Am Legend & Dedicated
Hatching a Shiny Zergoose
Dressing up my Pokémon

[x] See a Cypress egg in the shelter
[ ] Get a Cypress egg

Mega Goal:
An army of Entei -- 4 out of ??? :3

04/03 & 05/08-13/11-- Mobile Walker gave out amazing gains! Man I'm lucky! O_O
10/07/11-- MANY Pokémon have some sort of description now.

~~We can live forever if you've got the time~~

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