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Journal last updated: Friday, October 1st 2010 at 10:00 AM
I apologize for not clicking back lately. But now I'm back, alive and clicking (sorry for the lame pun)!

Welcome! I'd appreciate if you click my eggs! One click if you must, I'll still click back your full party. I'm weird that way! :P

One Clickers, if you're reading, please click Ho-Oh!

{x} Get an egg (Duh! xD) { 12 August }
{x} Hatch an egg (Female Spinarak, yay! Currently boxed) { 13 August | 9:51 PM }
{x} Get a legendary (If Phione counts) { 17 August | 5:00-ish PM }
{ } Get a shiny
{ } Get a clone (Preferably Charmander or Squirtle)
{ } Get a Manaphy egg (they're so shiny!)
{x} Get a MisingNo egg {3 October | 1:25 AM }
{x} Get an Easter Buneary (after missing a hatched one in the shelter, I got a strong desire to get it) { 23 July }

Okay, simplified this a bit...

August 15 ~ Missed hatched Rotom and Phione egg from shelter
August 18 ~ Missed hatched Easter Buneary in shelter
August 19 ~ Got Zergoose from event
September 12 ~ Got Jirachi from event
September 26 ~ Missed Bidofo egg in shelter
October 3 ~ Got Little Man and Missingno egg
October 4 ~ Missed Manaphy
October 29 ~ Got Darkrai egg from event
November 24 ~ Got Suicune egg from event
December 25 ~ Got Ho-Oh from the Secret Santa event
October 1 ~ Used two summoning items and got a Lugia
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