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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 24th 2013 at 12:45 PM
~ Riding through starlight and smashing the boundaries as hellfire falls from the sky
Shadows of pain will arise from the ashes of those fallen ones who have died ~

Hey! I'm Izonus, but you can call me Izo, or Zac if you're one of my friends, and I'm a guy.
SO! I've been here forever, I think I got here at about Easter in the site's first year. I've only recently really began to pick up the pace here. Read below for my bio.
Je regrette rien!
I mostly speak English, but I do a little French.
You'll know me as Izon, Phanalax, or Silversoul. :)
I'm seventeen, and I live in Virginia


[ ] Get my shiny shroom!
[ ] Snag all the Past, Present, and Future Ghosts!
[X] Corrupt a Groudon! :3
[X] Get that Ditto!
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