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 Mad Moai

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    Journal last updated: Wednesday, August 1st 2012 at 5:17 PM
    "Riverboats: perfect for traversing any shallow waterway... when they're not on fire, that is."
    If you have spare time, please also click my sister BurakkiiHayate. It's much appreciated!

    My favorite Pokémon include: Spearow, Tentacruel, Golem, Cloyster, Haunter, Electrode, Seadra, Magikarp, Misdreavus, Steelix, Remoraid, Mantine, Houndour, Tyrogue, Suicune, Shiftry, Cradily, Dusclops, Absol, Glalie, Kyogre, Honchkrow, Magmortar, Heatran, Darkrai, Basculin, Cofagrigus, Archeops, Escavalier, Ferrothorn, Klang, Fraxure, Cryogonal, Stunfisk, Terrakion.

    My top 10 are: Seadra, Haunter, Glalie, Remoraid, Darkrai, Dusclops, Shiftry, Cloyster, Absol, Magikarp.

    Shinies I want:
    Deino - 0/39 - Deinosuchus
    Ekans- 0/14 - Golden Time Lover
    Duskull - 0/18 - Madder Red

    Not Started Yet
    Trubbish - Munchy
    Ferrothorn - False Egoist
    Venonat - Appomatox
    Lunatone - Luna Recurrence

    -For Reference-
    Pidgey: Fervor, Nobility, Leadership
    Spearow: Pursuance, Compassion
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