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Journal last updated: Sunday, August 18th 2019 at 2:07 PM
Thank you to everyone who added me for Social Network! I will keep adding people who need SN. Just send me a PM!

Everyone after Altoid on my pal pad is working on SN. Please add them to your own pal pad if you can.

Please click Destry, my best friend and dearly beloved butterfly~!

Stuff to Know
I'm a proud member of the Networking Ninjas! I keep slots open for people who need SN, so please PM me if you seek the achievement. I'll add you!
* In order to keep slots free for people seeking SN, I'll remove you from my pal pad if you're inactive for over a month. PM me and I'll add you back!
* I always click back! It may not be immediately, but if you help me, I'll help you.
* I try to click exploration Pokemon first to ensure proper berry feeding~
* My server rollover is at 10pm (GMT -7:00/U.S. Mountain Time) and I work full-time. I try to get everybody who clicks me but if I do miss you, I apologize.

"And lots of things seemed futile then, but love and music can save us. And did..."

Because I'm total trash, current shiny hunts:
Makuhita (Doubashi) | Staryu (Jotaro) | Honedge (Polnareff) | Ferroseed (Joseph)
Future shiny hunts:
Tentacool (Abacchio) | Noibat (Narancia) | Cranidos (Mista) | Oddish (Fugo) | Gothita (Trish) | Mawile (Doppio) | Munchlax (Aizawa) | Whismur (Present Mic) | Politoed (Tsu-chan) | Spiritomb (Calcifer) | more to come 'cause I suck

After 1724 eggs and 490 days, finally, Sh. Heracross! I named her Iwa-chan~
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Skitty on Wailord (Feb 6/15)
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Box of Bliss (Sep 27/17)
Hatching Insanity (Nov 27/17)
That Everlasting Flame!! (May 11/19)
Social Network (May 5/16)
Glitch City (Oct 17/17)
Pierce the Heavens (Sep 13/12)
Bounty Hunter (Mar 17/16)
Determined (Aug 26/17)
Lucky Day (Sep 30/16)
Master Feeder (Feb 20/15)
Feed a Country (Sep 19/17)
Can't Pass It Up (Jan 19/16)

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