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Journal last updated: Thursday, June 3rd 2010 at 11:41 PM

real pokemon have mustaches

Summer has begun! I start clicking back again tomorrow xoxo

Why hello there m'loves, I'm IronCrystal, the amazing metrosexual. I kinda like it here. :)
-15/Male/San Antonio
-Editor-In-Chief of yearbook, only reason i will not click back besides computer problems
-Kinda a nice guy, and I love Pals for my Pad
-I adore Avalene & Mu Lieut, click them

Please remember that this is just a place to have fun, and if you are mad at me, please spare yourself some typing by swallowing down something I did wrong ('Stole' your trade from the shelter or something silly), put on your big girl panties, and go back to having fun. Thanks babes xoxo

I'm Berry Smart
Also Part of the 1/6 League

In a shiny Absol hunt, it is my very first hunt. :] 0/8
Complete the Novelties. (Missing: Remorage, Pokii, a couple fossils, & 1 Bidofo form)
Working on completing the Johto Master achievement.
All starters
Be amazing LOL DAT WAS EZ!!!!

9/6 Got my first random item, a razor fang...wat
9/10 Woot! Got a red box after missing the old man since my phone doesn't support Java. Sold the Adamant orb for an Itemfinder.
4/2 I return to GPX+ WITH A VENGEANCE! Beat my all-time clicking record with 1901 clicks!
5/14 Finally got Johto Master after about a month or so. Sold the Silver Wing I got, and later got a Ho-Oh in the shelter. Good enough for me xoxo
5/16 Hands down this has been my best night ever on GPX+. Caught a Ditto, Shaymin, and a Remorage, three that I have ALWAYS wanted. Also snatched a Fossil Omanyte to seal up my fossil collection.
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