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Journal last updated: Saturday, November 13th 2010 at 2:27 PM
You walk up to a large gate decorated in colorful Pokemon carved into the wood frame. "Hello!" You call out. What looks like a Pokemon bounds up to the front gate. As she gets closer you see she's like some kind of anthro Eevee-looking fox creature. "Hello~ I'm Infinity and this is my ranch! You must be the new assistant~ Come on in and look around, meet the Pokemon, make yourself at home!" With that, she bounded off, leaving you somewhat confused. You enter the gate and within a few feet you see a large mass of Pokemon. Most of which are in their own little groups. There is a group with the first starter Pokemon all hanging out and so on. You greet the Pokemon one by one, some more friendly than others. Once the Pokemon are comfortable with you, you continue along the fence until you reach a dense forest. You look in and see that the fence goes on deep into the woods. Your curiosity gets the better of your judgement and you begin venturing into the woods. You walk on for a while, keeping to the fence, and notice nothing interesting going on. You're about to turn back when a group of Eevee Evolutions jumps out and surrounds you with a few Eevees behind them. They are growling at you and you begin to think this was a bad idea. Just as a Flareon-Espeon mix jumps at you Infinity jumps out between you and the group of Eeveelutions. "Hold it! They're not for you to attack!" She grabs your arm and pulls you away while the group watches you leave. "What was that all about?" You ask. "That's EeveeClan. They're a group of Eevees and Eeveelutions that live on my ranch. They're still wild so try and avoid them until you get to know them better." You nod and think that this will be a fun job.

I am apart of the Berry Smart Group!

Pssst~ The people in my PalPad are awesome people and really loyal friends, so go show them some love~

On DeviantArt I'm InfinityWayvern
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