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Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 23rd 2020 at 2:13 PM
Now that I've gotten most of the Pokedex completed, I've decided to have some fun with my daily grabs. Excluding days where I naturally run out of space in my Drop PC Boxes (usually, multiplier days), I'll gradually fill at least one box with more fun stuff to release on Fridays. Primarily, if I have excess grabs and see level 100 Pokemon that I have a Mega Stone for, I'll go ahead and grab them and Mega Evolve them. Of course, I'd be very thankful if you add me to your Pal Pad (still working on Social Network achievement). Thanks!


9/21/20 - This week, I'll be releasing more rare legendaries, meaning ones that you won't see in the shelter as often.

9/17/20 - Will be releasing a lot of novelty Pokemon tomorrow!

9/1/20 - This week among other fun stuff, I'll be releasing a lot of mega evolutions. Mainly Tyranitar and Garchomp. Look for them in the Shelter starting Friday!

8/31/20 - I ended up having to delay my release from Friday to today since some stuff came up. To make up for it (and since I finally got Unown-T and earned Dex Master and Dex Master Plus), I went ahead and released all of my Unown.

8/16/20 - Returned to this site after a two year break and did a lot of PC box cleaning over the last week or two. Kudos to you if you adopted a legendary/mega/novelty I released!

10/11/18 - Found a level 100 Shiny Mothim (now one of my favorite shinies aesthetically) and a shiny level 100 Mega Banette in the Shelter

10/08/18 - Finally managed to get a 75-Win streak in the Battle Subway and earn the Exp All upgrade

10/03/18 - Random Shiny Petilil while working on filling in the egg dex entries w/ excess grabs from the Shelter
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