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IndigoRain's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, December 19th 2011 at 1:59 AM
Let's see...I click full parties multiple times a day as long as you have interacted with me once, and I always click your party first if you add me to your pal pad. So what do you think you should do knowing this little helpful piece of information???
SN: 8/75

Click and add Gato! Unlike most people, she actually DOES click EVERY single day REGARDLESS of if you're on or not!!!
how come all the vulpixes I breed and hatch are female?! O.o

I do occasionally give out drinks to pokemon who have happiness below 100. I'm just awesome like that.

About Me:
-I am a huge pokemon fanatic (duh)
-I also love horses, and animals.
-I like watching cooking shows, although I somehow manage to burn everything that goes into the pan.
-I'm currently in a mad rush for trinkets
-I always use IndigoBlue or Interval as my screen/user name unless not available
-I love computer games/online RPGs

11/12/2011: blue treasure chest-adamant orb
11/04/2011:another creepy Old Man.
10/31/2011:black treasure chest-corruption orb
10/23/2011:Old Man appeared!
and then before that...a ton of other treasure chests that I didn't record...

Everything You Need To Know:

-False alarm...you don't really need to know anything. BUT-
Hi, my name is IndigoBlue. I am a proud member of the Berry Smart Group and the Exploration Institution. The rankings for the Berry Smart Group were also created by me. Thank you Arwen for accepting my idea! :D

Clicking policy:

-i always return full-party clicks with the correct berry as long as i am on.
-i honestly don't give a crap for one-clickers. Heck, I don't even look at how many interactions I got from you. I just go through the whole list and click click click. So be thankful.

Pal Pad policy:

-i add you if your profile is awesome. or if i have any other personal reason
-sometimes i shave you off of my pal pad if your on there too long and don't respond much.
-please don't be offended if i do
-feel free to PM me, i'm always open to talk! :)

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