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Joined: Mon. Dec. 21/09
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Journal last updated: Sunday, September 27th 2015 at 2:28 PM
Exploration Time Records w/ date & multiplier (current and defeated)
A Trio of Trials: 2 hours, 35 mins (7/1/15, x3)
Bridging the Gap: 50 mins, 42 secs (6/24/15, x1.4)
Guardians: 1 hour, 34 mins (8/10/15, none)
Sweet Success: 18 mins, 37 secs (3/12/15, none)
The Angered Gods of Weather: 15 mins, 12 secs (8/20/15, x2.4)
The Great Rescue: 17 mins, 49 secs (7/13/15, none)
The Passionate Duo: 46 mins, 51 secs (2/10/13, x2.3)
A Study in Pink: 1 hour, 5 mins (6/22/15, x3.1) & 31st to complete
Mystery Creature of the Ruins: 40 mins, 30 secs (2/11/13, x2.8)
Mystery Creature of the Ruins: 35 mins, 5 secs (3/9/13, none)
Mystery Creature of the Ruins: 24 mins, 38 secs (3/15/15, x4)
Sweet Success: 26 mins, 57 secs (2/24/13, x1.65)
The Great Rescue: 35 mins, 1 sec (2/14/13, x2.4)
The Great Rescue: 29 mins, 1 sec (3/3/15, x2)
The Great Rescue: 19 mins, 35 secs (4/11/15, none)

Shinies To Do
scraggy, froakie, slime slugma, goomy, litwick, growlithe, smoochum, diglett, abra [modest], cleffa

Shinies Released (35)
Florges (cpPzO, BphRO, ComgO, NfgKI, iqZjI), Ninetales (ABekE), Mega Charizard Y (ZBXPm, Foimm), Aegislash (OKtmI), Rotom (vvlcI), Lumineon (xVvcH, OnHcH), Klinklang (hbhoO), Conkeldurr (DAVgO), Raticate (vRinI), Swalot (Vieem), Mega Venusaur (aWcyP, GJaFm), Butterfree (mvGsE, Rvkxd), Lopunny (ILNQI), Porygon-Z (qnKXE), Mega Absol (fubRm), Mega Blastoise (iCZjI), Mega Blaziken (LqpoO), Luxray (QppYO), Mega Manectric (yaOzO), Zebstrika (SSGYO), Slurpuff (hJICO), Dedenne (UQguO), Wigglytuff (KEeDY), Mismagius (nHfUY), Magcargo (HZLxY), Heliolisk (eaMXY), Mega Charizard X (MLolm)

48th to complete Death of the World and 2nd Ice Arceus on GPX+!
Lowest Ranking: 40
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Basic Badge (Feb 22/13)
Basic Badge Plus (Jan 16/15)
Perfect 10 (May 29/15)

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