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Journal last updated: Tuesday, April 19th 2011 at 9:37 AM
Okay, I know I need to update this, for I am lazy when it comes to journals. v_v

ANYWAY I've been playing a lot of HGSS and have put my White version aside for a bit to create a team of lvl 100s to send to the game when I beat it. So this has given me the virtue of patience and has allowed for me to do other cool things instead of slave away at Victory Road >.> <.<

In all the craziness of school's drawing to a close, I've found peace and general fun in card tricks. They're really fun to learn, self-working and math card tricks are my faves, and you can accomplish most any trick if you work hard enough and have enough volunteers. :D

So this is me, signing off. AGAIN, if you're a fellow Route 50 member, know that you can get clicks from me whenever. Otherwise, it's up to how often I'm online :/

Hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break a while ago, look forward to summer, and have an awesome rest of April!
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