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    Journal last updated: Sunday, August 19th 2012 at 8:57 PM

    Formerly: Razyi

    If I lay here
    If I just lay here
    Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

    Clicking Policy:

    I mass click.
    Don't get offended if your entire party isn't clicked right away.
    I click eggs -> exploration pokemon -> pokemon
    I return interaction clicks periodically as well

    Life Status:

    I have a full-time job, so my click time is now very limited.
    I appreciate all clicks and will try to return them all. <3

    Note to self: Sour - Spicy - Dry - Sweet - Bitter

    See that pal pad down there? You should go click them too.

    When trading trinkets, keep in mind I not only look at rarity, but the number in existence as well as the released group.

    I gift trinkets with mutual friends. Just let me know if you want to start exchanging trinkets, or send me one if we are already mutual friends. <3

    Currently Working On:

    Badge Achievements

    Forget what we're told
    Before we get too old
    Show me a garden that's bursting into life
    Hypnotoad has no recent activity.

    Hypnotoad's Showcased Achievements

    Kanto Legend (Aug 5/12)
    Johto Legend (Aug 31/12)
    Hoenn Legend (Dec 28/12)
    Sinnoh Legend (Dec 26/12)
    An All Night Thing (Jan 7/13)
    Speed Reader (Jan 7/13)
    Corporate GPXPlus (Dec 28/12)

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