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Journal last updated: Friday, March 1st 2013 at 11:16 PM
[c]Here is a little rundown regarding the world I have created via my pokemon:
<br> In the heart of a region unknown, a nature preserve exists to care for pokemon without the threat of capture. Heavily patrolled by either state police or pokemon-rights volunteers, it is hailed as a sanctuary for pokemon needing to be away from the toils of human life as well as championed for its daring notion that started its creation- let the pokemon rule themselves. In what has been labeled the social experiment of the century, the whole region has watched as the pokemon hierarchically separated themselves and formed a makeshift town as well as a system of government. But when the system begins to crumble as powerful pokemon hone their power, the reigon's population is holding its breath, waiting to see whether or not this bold, innovative society can handle dissent.

--But Emily! Pokemon are already sentient , why WOULDN'T they form their own society?!
A: At least in this headcanon, human influence has been exerted on pokemon for so long that it has been impossible for pokemon to have the adequate space to form their own governmental structures. In this way, it might not be surprising to you or me that the pokemon do this-- but to the humans in that region, it is shocking that pokemon know what to do without people.
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