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Journal last updated: Thursday, August 20th 2009 at 11:19 PM
OK first of all,let me say this...
This site rocks!!!!

Secondly,you click my eggs,then I'll click yours.
Okay?You understand?Awsome :3

Please One Clickers,click on either the larvitar egg or the cyndaquil egg!
People who are NOT one clickers,try to click three or more eggs,and I will click yours whenever i can.

Two of my eggs have hatched!Thanks guys!

Woot!My Cyndaquil egg has a crack!And my Vulpix and Riolu eggs are getting closer and closer to hatching!Keep up the good work guys!!!!!

The Pokemon I'm thinking of,can slip through any obstical.It lurks inside walls to keep and eye on it's foes.
Answer at the bottom

My Whislist

[]Shiny Pachirisu
[]Mew Egg
[]Dialga Egg
[x]Larvitar Egg
[x]Pal Pad
[]Easter Buneary
[]Shiny EVERYTHING X3 Total Shinies - 0
[x]Pichu Egg
[]Evolve Pichu into Pikachu
[]Manaphy Egg
[]Lugia Egg

Other Places I Shall Be

Bianca at the Tree of Beginning
iBluey at The Beginning of the End
iDark at Laokia Region
iSydney/DialgaChick at Minako Region/Pokemon Gobnait [currently under maintenance]

Pwease Click Meh Eggs :3

Current Events

Aug 19 5:31 PM; Pachirisu egg HATCHED into female pachirisu XP
Aug 20 11:41 AM; Pichu egg HATCHED into female pichu *thumbs up*
Aug 20 11:42 AM; Azurill egg HATCHED into female azurill *throws a parade*

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