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 Hell Prominence LG

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Points: 62,152
Pass Orbs: 10

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Prize Points: 3
Ranking: 4,085
Joined: Thu. Aug. 27/09
Last seen: Wed. Jan. 1/14 (Desktop)
User group: Members
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    Hell Prominence LG's Profile

    Journal last updated: Sunday, January 9th 2011 at 12:15 AM
    Yo Everyone LG Here, I just love to type in bold,

    Attention to 1 Clickers
    Click the first egg any egg in my party that you want

    Attention to people who hates 1 clickers
    My Policy is that every click counts as a clicks so be happy with what you have got.

    Some of you may know me as LegendaryGarchomp (LG) ID-78976 from TPM

    I joined here on August 27 2009

    My Shinies
    Shiny Girafiraig
    Shiny Raichu
    Shiny Arcanine
    Shiny Growlithe

    Shiny Cherubi
    Shiny Arbok
    Shiny Beautifly.
    Shiny Cherubi
    Shiny Charmander

    Shiny Hunts
    Shiny Hunt With Smirk: Fushide (Smirk) vs Zorua (LG)- Status- Progressing
    Shiny Hunt with 5th Generation Pokerus: Pachirisu vs. Pachirisu- Status: Lost
    Shiny Hunt with Dialga1975: Gulpin vs. Gulpin- Status- Lost

    Successful Individual Shiny Hunts (According to Shine Recorder)
    Shiny Pichu (Site-Wide Hunt)(#53 Eggs Hatched)
    Shiny Growlithe (#49 Eggs Hatched)

    Attention to Pal Pad Users
    Clicking all Pal Pad users that have added me that I have added everyday when I have time.

    Hell Prominence LG has no recent activity.

    I'm already a user - log me in! I don't have an account - I'd like to register!