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Journal last updated: Friday, November 22nd 2013 at 12:57 AM
Mass egg clicking only at the moment. :)


Shiny Trapinch
Shiny Charmander Completed 1/25/13 /Clone
Shiny Mareep Complete! 2/16/12
Shiny Zorua
12/5/10 Summoned a Giratina egg.
12/5/10 Got a Shiny Oshawott with the first egg. Too bad I wasn't hunting one. xD Twas also my first shiny~ : )
12/7/10 Summoned Palkia~ Yay :3
Cloned Charmander. COMPLETE - 11/18/10 Got from Shelter
Get a Female Eevee.COMPLETE- 12/1/09
July 24th 10pm Got a Manaphy from the shelter. :D
Got Bulbasaur Clone from Shelter 11/18/10
1/16/11 Got a Latios egg from the lab~
1/17/11 Got a Shaymin egg from the lab.
2/16/11 Got a Latias from the shelter~
8/21/12 Bahaha another Sh. Oshawott on the first hatch.
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Kick-Ass (Apr 7/12)
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Mythical Beasts (Feb 1/11)
Hoarder (Dec 8/11)
Selective Hoarder (Apr 8/10)
I'll Be Back (Dec 13/11)
Team Rocket (Oct 1/12)
Shine Master (Sep 22/12)
Great Success! (Dec 16/11)

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