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Journal last updated: Sunday, July 14th 2013 at 11:16 PM
"A red egg with a bizarre blue pattern on the front that glows. It seems like its presence causes it to become sunny." ~ The glow from before has become brighter.
On look out for:
ditto egg
Least Eggs Hatched
71) Hatori Hatched 17 eggs Hunt lasted 2 days
Slowest Shiny Hunts
1) Hatori Hatched 17 eggs Hunt lasted 2 days
The 0_0 finds!
4 Event eggs :)
Male Glameow!!!!
A girl Bulbasaur!!
Three Porygon eggs in a matter of a couple of days :)
Two Porygon eggs in one day!!!!!!!
An Easter Buneary in shelter!
My Mating Pokemon made 3 EB egg
a Missing # egg!!!!! Thank you old man!
a Bidofo!
Your egg has hatched into a shiny female Easter Buneary!
A Darkrai from event
A polki!!
A Zergoose from shelter!
A Kyorge from shelter!
My very first summoned Pokemon!!!
A Dracowymsy from the shelter!!!!!!
Your egg has hatched into a female Dracowymsy!
Your egg has hatched into a shiny Porygon!
Summoned Lugia!
Found a slime slugma egg
A second Slime Slugma
Shadow Lugia in pound!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait till egg from event hatches. (Winter Vulpix!!)
A Lugia from pound!!!!
Ho-oh from shelter!!!
Another visit from the little man!
My first Gen 5 pet: Chiraamii(Minccino)!
A flaming Zorua
Summoned Lugia and currupted it
Breed a Flaming Zorua egg
Palkia in pound
little man

Pokemon Goals:
[x]Porygon 2
[x] Male & Female Glameow

To have my Pokemon parties (video game):


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