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 Hannah Witchling

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Journal last updated: Monday, January 31st 2011 at 2:26 AM
PM me to talk cause I'm bored. c:
Note that I will probably talk in
whatever way that my
character-- Hannah Witchling-- would.

Because I'm a witch, I have magic, obviously. Witches have several different kinds of magic energy, and I raise my pokemon with a little of my own transported inside them. As a result, they grow into stronger pokemon than the average. As I raise them currently, I keep them in PC boxes titled by which kind of energy I have given them. The ones I am currently experimenting with or have used so far are Spirit energy and Demon energy. Ones with Spirit energy would be closest to a Witch, like me, but are of a lower magic tolerance than a Pure witch as I. They are often seen using forms of magic, or make their attacks stronger with said magic. Demon energy holders are closer to, well, demons, and thus they commonly have some sort of enhancement such as super strength or speed. These ones tend to be more vicious, reckless, and violent than the more peaceful, yet mischievous Spirits. I also have discovered the making of Demi spirits in my pokemon, which are weaker spirits that have other abilities unlike regular Spirits. In addition, I have made a discovery of De-spirits, which are essentially just pokemon that got a little of both Demon and Spirit energy, which gives them both witch and demonic traits. I will continue my magic studies/experiments and update this journal once I have made a new discovery. Whatever pokemon I release are pokemon that fail to absorb the magic, making them average and of no interest to me. Until the point where I have updated this journal of my studies among this strange realm, have a good evening.
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