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Journal last updated: Saturday, December 3rd 2016 at 1:50 PM

My name's Hakkai and welcome to my pokemon's home. I hope everyone enjoys there time here. If I'm on and you click on my eggs, I will return the favor. If I can. Internet sucks!

Slowly working through achievements. I really just want to unlock as many as I can! I really am slow at this... It doesn't help that every time I turn around there is another achievement or 2 or 20 added on to the list. LOL, guess I'll have to work even harder to get them all achieved.

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My Goal All Eevee's (including shiny)
Vaporeon -Complete

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A Novel Approach (Oct 17/15)
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Lucky Day (Mar 1/15)
Novice Clicker (Sep 13/13)

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