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    Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 29th 2011 at 10:06 AM

    OH LOVE~!
    Yes. I went there.

    Formerly known as Still Alive and Zaefyr. Now let's hope I don't regret this. >3>;

    // Herpaderpaderp.
    Please don't click me right now; I'm not clicking back atm, sorry. :x

    // Clickbacks
    If you click my whole party, I'll click your whole party back.
    The only exception to this is if:
    1) I am away, which I'll try to mention in an update.
    2) You have eggs in your party that are ready to hatch, so I wasn't able to click them. Please, please hatch your eggs when you have the chance. I feel bad when you give me full-party clicks and I can't return the favor.
    3) My internet is down for some reason or another.
    4) I've signed off for the day and can't click back.

    I usually click full parties only once. If you change your party and the ratio is reset, I probably won't click again. Sorry, just the way I do things. Overall, though, I do attempt to click back as much as possible. Also, I normally attempt to feed correct berries. Accidents, however, do happen, and if I feed one of your Pokemon the wrong berry, please don't take it personally.

    Finally, I wish to thank everyone who's given me clicks; I appreciate it. c:
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