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 Guess Who

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 at 2:42 AM
Sorry but I don't appreciate being forced to allow ads. I use add blocker all over the internet with no problems. I have the freedom to do so. I never click on adds (anywhere) anyway, so why should I have to allow them to cause lag? Until I'm free to choose for myself, I won't return.

LOVIN' the "Users who have interacted with your Pokémon.. but who still have Pokémon in their party with which you may interact" feature on the new site.

And Berry Smart

*~*~If you're into giving and receiving full party clicks, long walks on the beach, and are on practically daily, add me to your pal pad and I'll click your full party when I see you online. I'm on pretty much daily.

Red pokeball = I'm online. What a concept.

Getting tired of people who click less/equal to their party and expect a full party click in return.
1 click = 1 click in return
2 clicks = 2 clicks in return
3 clicks = 3 clicks in return
2 shy of full party = 2 shy of full party in return
1 shy of full party = 1 shy of full party in return
Full Party = Full Party in return

Aspear_ Cheri _ Chesto _ Pecha _ Rawst _
Sour ___ spicy ___ dry ___sweet ___bitter

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