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Points: 90,731
Pass Orbs: 806

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Prize Points: 71
Ranking: 186
Joined: Sat. Jan. 9/10
Last seen: Wed. May. 22/19 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Sunday, April 21st 2019 at 1:37 AM
    Gryphaena on Discord & elsewhere

    I erase PP users idle for 1 month (unless notified) & those who fail to unlock SN in 30 days.

    I vow to ignore Heart Sweets to share the love.

    PM me for SN/conversations/my Groups.

    Group Efforts

    SN: 1,930/2,000 users! & Sky Gifts: 6,116/8,000 sent!

    April 20, 2019
    ika-4 ng Marso, 2015- Got to Round 3 in a Dress-Up Contest here.
    ika-22 ng Marso- The Networking Ninjas' B-day!
    ika-1 ng Hulyo- Made a LGBTQ thread.
    ika-3 ng Hulyo- Made a mental illness discussion thread.
    ika-19 ng Disyembre- The Postal Service's B-day!
    ika-18 ng Hulyo, 2016- Made an interfaith thread.
    ika-7 ng Abril, 2017- Made a Writing thread.

    235 users added me? 75 was enough!
    Trinkets/Sky Gifts

    Send Sky Gifts to Mikaku Onchi, my trading partner.

    I remind her of our arrangement periodically.

    Trade Trinkets with Eren.

    87 glitches
    53 tinies
    117 Korechu
    17 djinn
    47 Treasure Chests
    114 Sky Gifts received
    170 PKRS infections, 93 vectors
    126 Shinies & 61 Shiny offspring
    1 Sh. Eev- Heart (Koko)

    Sh. dofo

    Sh. Zombidofo

    Sh. Binacle (The Ugly One)

    2 Sh. Cacnea (Mamillaria)

    Sh. Pyukumuku (Puke Cuke [Luke-if male])

    Sh. Rowlet (Eddie) [in memory]

    Keep Beausy, Doot, Demonic Platypus & Eren until they get SN.

    Mafia Cat 115 stays forever. See their Journal to learn why.
    Sun May 12 at 11:30 PM
    She hatched her egg into a Carbink.
    Sun May 12 at 10:45 PM
    She hatched her egg into a Heatran.
    Sun May 12 at 10:37 PM
    She claimed an egg from the Lab.
    Sun May 5 at 8:33 PM
    She hatched her egg into a Carbink.
    Fri May 3 at 11:29 PM
    She updated her status to: Class 1/28-5/24. Add Marnichie for SN! 18 left!

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    Master Explorer (Nov 11/11)
    Corporate GPXPlus (Apr 15/11)
    Happy Anniversary! (Jan 9/11)
    Hatching Insanity (Oct 26/11)
    I Am Legend (Aug 21/12)
    Feed a Country (Oct 10/12)

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