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Journal last updated: Monday, November 7th 2011 at 4:04 AM
Found a legendary egg in the lab and feeling lucky! Hope that luck will get me a shiny in this months hunt!

My moms sn is blondeeforever and she rocks my socks <3

Working on:
-Explorations :3
-Shiny Growlithe
-Johto Pokedex
-Playing Hard to Get achievement

About me: I'm 23. I am a female, if you hadn't guessed by my sn :P I like collecting things. I tend to not bite (much) so feel free to message me any time. I am usually bored and sitting about, so it won't bother me in the least :3


My Goals~
{ } Collect my top 6 favorite Pokemon:
{X} Growlithe
{X} Gyrados
{ } Mew
{X} Winter Ninetails
{X} Shaymin
{X} Mightyena

{ } Collect a shiny Pokemon.

{ } Collect a shiny Growlithe.

{ } Collect a Red Gyrados.

{ } Obtain and { } Use a Corruption Orb.

{X} Collect a legendary Pokemon. (Yay Manaphy!!! Hatched 08/15 ^.^)
{X} Collect an event pokemon. (Zergoose egg received on 8/20! Thank you Zerxer ^.^) (Hatched on 08/25! Zerkadelic Pokemon ftw :P)
{X} Successfully breed a Zergoose egg. (09/24! I'm so frigging proud!!!)
{X} Evolve my first Togepi into Togekiss. (Yay! Go, Chiyo-kun!!!)
{X} Collect 10 rare Pokemon (Vulpix was lucky #10!)
{X} Collect Missingno.
{X} Silph Scope
{X} Collect Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.
{X} Collect all Starters
{X} Collect Winter Vulpix.

Thanks again for visiting! Happy collecting everyone ^.~
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