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 Growly Lobita

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Points: 222,855
Pass Orbs: 147

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Prize Points: 159
Ranking: 2,115
Joined: Sat. Apr. 11/09
Last seen: Tue. Jul. 28/15 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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  • Solstice
      —Shiny Growlithe

    Lv. 100

  • Saliere
      —Shiny Mega Houndoom

    Lv. 100

  • Doombringer
      —Shiny Charizard Clone

    Lv. 100

  • Banana
      —Shiny Arcanine

    Lv. 100

  • Gustav
      —Shiny Emboar

    Lv. 100

  • No nickname
      —Shiny Delphox

    Lv. 100

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